minke whale study update

With our study scheduled to start on June 11th we have been busy the past few days testing our methods, equipment, and monitoring the cetacean activity in the area. Acoustic tests yielded high quality recordings of a relatively quiet area and just as important, a quiet mooring system.

The SM2M after retrieval from test deployment

Tests of the visual survey equipment and methods have resulted in enough cetacean activity on calm days to keep one busy. On each of the first two occasions a minke whale was spotted within 10 minutes of surveying while on the third occasion numerous harbour porpoise and a Steller sea lion foraged in the area.

Looking at a minke whale from the observation spot.

As for other cetacean activity in the area, there has been a lot recently. Killer and humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises, along with minke whales are all getting back to their summer habitat in the waters off northeastern Vancouver Island.


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