MERS minke study update

What a busy summer full of sightings.

minke whale #001 with Cormorant island in background.

With a break in our schedule this week we decided to pull up our recording device, check it over, download the data, and drop it back in. Jackie Hildering and dive partner Andy located the device underwater while Caitlin Birdsall, Christie McMillan and myself helped with transportation to and from the spot.

MERS recording device anchored to the bottom of the sea.

The device recorded for over 30 days and concurrent visual observations from the same area were conducted in the same number of days. Many thanks to Leticiaà Legat, Rebecca Piercy, Jo Mrozewski, Christie McMillan, Nicole Borowczak, Angelica Rosa, and Bart Willis for their observations. To date, minke whales have been sighted almost every day and other cetacean species including harbour porpoise, Dall’s porpoise, Pacific white-sided dolphin, humpback whale, and Bigg’s killer whale have also been sighted on numerous occasions.

Killer whale attacking Dall’s porpoise in front of observation point.

As I write, the area is alive with herring, sandlance, salmon, seabirds, and whales. The device is about to be redeployed and observations to start up again and go until August 15th.


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