Lone Wolves

We put a lot of miles under the keel yesterday looking for a lone juvenile orca that was reported early in the day. Despite 6 sets of eyes on several vessels including effort from Orcalab, Cetus Society, and Fisheries and Oceans we could not locate the whale. We did however find this lone wolf swimming across a channel.

Lone wolf on the shore after its swim.
Lone wolf on the shore after its swim.

We were also able to meet up with the vessel that initially reported the whale and confirm from a photograph that it was T046C2. This whale is the one that was trapped inside Bent Harbour for at least 3 weeks prior to when a team managed to coax it out on August 15th. http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1211571/trapped-juvenile-transient-killer-whale-rescued-by-vancouver-aquarium-and-dfo As Bent Harbour is more than 150 miles from here this whale has been on the move over the last 2 weeks!

Anyway, 7 hours after the initial report we finally happened upon the whale in the same spot it had been seen in the morning. We only saw it surface 3 times. It appeared to be heading towards Knight Inlet but we never saw it again. About 40 minutes later we did hear distant transient vocalizations in the inlet though.

T046C2 checking out the boat.
T046C2 checking out the boat.

Its great the whale is being evasive. Its also encouraging that it is down here. There were several seals and porpoises in the area and density of the transient population is normally high this time of year around Vancouver Island. It will be interesting to see where this little whale turns up next. We hope it can locate its family soon.

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