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Who You Gonna Call? Helping BC’s Marine Mammals.

We are very pleased to launch a series of four short videos aimed at increasing knowledge of how to help marine mammals in British Columbia. These resources provide background on threats like disturbance and entanglement and provide information on what … Continue reading

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Whale Species at Risk and the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Project

As a result of the November 29th announcement by Prime Minister Trudeau giving conditional approval to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Project, we have been receiving questions about what this might mean for whale species recognized to be at risk and … Continue reading

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Two Months and Two Humpbacks Entangled at the Same Location – What Can We Learn?

[UPDATE: November 29: Another Humpback Whale has died in open-net fish farm gear. This is the 2nd Humpback Whale dead at a fish farm in two weeks and the 3rd that is known to have been entangled in fish farm gear … Continue reading

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Are humpback whales threatened in BC?

For the past decade MERS has conducted research on humpback whales in the waters off northern Vancouver Island. With the help of fellow north island researchers, community members, and ecotourism companies, especially Stubbs Island Whale Watching and Seasmoke Whale Watching, we … Continue reading

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Rescuing “Cutter” the Humpback Whale

As the days begin to shorten, the waters off northeastern Vancouver Island team with activity as every animal is trying to get in their catch before the season is over. While using this opportunity to collect some data on the … Continue reading

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How important are herring to humpback whales?

Each spring, humpback whales in the eastern North Pacific Ocean travel from warm waters off Hawaii or Mexico up to the cooler, temperate waters off B.C. and Alaska.  What brings them back up here is food; the tropical and sub-tropical … Continue reading

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Garbage Sightings – West Coast Haida Gwaii

MERS Directors Jared Towers and Christie McMillan recently returned from the remote Langara Lightstation on Langara Island, part of Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands), and the most northwestern point in British Columbia. They were up there for a month, … Continue reading

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